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Civic Cup Race Schedule - Whats it all about ?

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Civic Cup 2011 Race Season Dates
APRIL 10thSundaySilverstone
Invite Race 
1 & 2

MAY 1stSundayBrands Hatch
Round 1
Race 1 & 2

MAY 30th
MondayCastle Combe
 Round 2
English Bank Holiday
Race 3 & 4

 JUNE 25/26thSaturday/SundaySnetterton
 Round 3
Race 5 & 6

 JULY 22nd/23thFriday/SaturdayBrands Hatch GP Circuit
 Round 4
Race 7 & 8

AUGUST 21SundayRockingham
Round 5
Race 9 & 10

SEPTEMPTER 18thSundayMallory Park
Round 6
 Race 11 & 12

OCTOBER 8th SaturdayPembrey Race Circuit
Round 7
Race 13 & 14
Dates subject to change without prior notice



Whats it all about?


This is a new and very affordable race series for 2011 onwards aimed and getting those on a tight budget into circuit racing. It will run alongside the very successful MR2 racing series and on the same grid as Federal Tyres Nippon Challenge. We have secured up to 10 grid positions for 2011 and more for 2012-13, over half have been filled already.
The Race series will be organised by the Red Dragon Race and Track Club the only MSA affiliated club dedicated to Japanese car racing. There will be 7 race dates starting in April 2011, with 2 BuddyClub cup races each day, on circuits all around the Uk including Silverstone and Brands Hatch. It is probable than some races will be televised. There will be trophies for the top three finishers in each Civic Cup race. Eligible cars are 1992 to 1999 Honda Civic EG,EJ and EK models with D14,D15,D16,B16A engines only. Cars are constantly being built by SPD.
The Honda Civic EK Hatch donor cars are now available from SPD Automotive Ltd (01772 299820) for £2000-£2800 depending on year (this price includes repairs to make the shell paintable). The Conversion into your Civic Cup Race Car is £4500+vat which is a heavily subsidised price agreed by BuddyClub and subsidised by series sponsors (this price can only be held until December 2011 when it will go up to around £5000+vat due to exchange rates on imported parts). Commitment to TWO seasons racing entries will be required before purchase (payment of £1995.00 for the first seasons race entries will be required on purchase)and £500 deposit for the second season is required, A 20% 2nd season Discounts will be guaranteed at time of car purchase and a free set of tyres to get you started in the second season will be reserved for you. In addition to buying ready to race turn key cars from us you can of course build your own should you wish, with parts and friendly advice available from our staff or we can race prep your own car if you wish. Call 01772 299820(Paul).
The SPD cars will all be freshly painted white and supplied with Buddyclub Race Livery as well as other series sponsors. ALL self prepared cars MUST also be white and carry ALL the required livery and logos. The livery pack comes free when you pay your first years race entries before you start to buy your "self build" products. Drivers will be allowed to self colour certain parts of the car (mirrors, front grille, wheels, lower lips and skirts below the centre line of the wheels, rear number plate surround, rear spoiler) this is primarily for pit crew identification of your car.
TURN KEY CAR SPEC.(as supplied by SPD Automotive)
Honda EK Hatch 1996-2000, Stripped out and full (weld in) 8 point international Custom Cage fitted and gusseted (Touring car style), Front and rear Towing eyes fitted, Fully painted white inside and out, New Racing seat fitted, New Momo steering wheel, New Snap off Boss, New FIA Harness fitted, New wheels fitted, New Federal RSR tyres fitted, New FIA plumbed in fire system fitted, Battery cut off fitted, rain light fitted,New Buddyclub N+Coil overs fitted, New Buddyclub front and rear camber adjusters fitted, Full neutral set up and corner weighted with drivers weight included by GW Gravity Works,
Also a tasty list of S-PACK upgrades for the individual to customise your car to your individual taste. Only available from SPD . most parts will be scrutineered, any self build cars with allowable parts not purchased from SPD or already on your car will need to be authorised by SPD at your first event.

The Buddyclub Pit crew will be on site at each race meeting with their 2 car Awning and Support Truck, with a full complement of spare parts and service parts, Full season Support or insurance packages are available from SPD Ltd. The Federal Tyres Support Truck will be on site to offer tech support and supply and fit tyres if required. GW Gravity Works Co. Will be at most venues with their full corner weighting system and chassis set up service combined with Buddyclub track Data to give you the edge should you so wish to take part in a support scheme. POA.
Any Series Sponsor products can be supplied and fitted in pit garage or paddock by Buddyclub Pit Crew if damage occurs (enquire about support packages 01772 299820 paul).POA.

Cup Regulations

Red Dragon Race & Track Club Presents.

Red Dragon Race Club 01646 601908
SPD Automotive Ltd. 01772 299820


1 The following technical regs are set out in accordance with the MSA format and it should be clearly understood that unless it says clearly that you CAN DO IT, you should work on the principle you CAN NOT. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate it is the driver's responsibility to ensure his car meets blue book regulations in all matters.


The word standard means just that. No modifications mechanically or physically to the car as sold by Honda, unless otherwise stated within these regulations. Where parts are replaced they should be with Honda manufactured components from the manufacturer's parts list for the model being raced. In the interest of cost non generic Honda replacement parts can be used, where they can be shown and proven to be of the same material, manufacturing process, form, shape, function and fit without modification as the original.


The RDRTC BUDDYCLUB CIVIC CUP Series is for Honda EG,EJ and EK variant model cars only, between 1992 and 1999 (excluding EK9 imports).All cars must comply with [though do not need] MOT requirements [ excluding emissions], be of sound construction and mechanical condition and well maintained. There is no need for an MOT certificate road tax or insurance unless driven to the circuits.


Drivers should ensure that both they and their cars conform in every way with the MSA Blue book, with specific regard to safety matters. You are particularly drawn to, though not exclusively the installation of roll cage (Custom Cages are recommended), Harness must be FIA spec, extinguisher must be FEV MSA and your race clothing Ensure they all conform to current FIA regulations to avoid disappointment at your first event. All Series control or sponsored products will be available from SPD Automotive discount prices.


No chassis stiffening allowed apart from that derived from fitting a roll cage and strut braces .

6. CAR - Exterior

No alterations to shape of standard bodywork with the exception of a plastic Type R front and rear lips or side skirts which must be purchased from SPD Automotive Ltd, the basic car must retain its original silhouette. Standard wing mirror's must be retained, wiper blades must function, all lights function. Towing eyes must be painted in accordance with the MSA regulations. Any replacement body panels must be original shape and material.. No modifications may be made to the body work other than as repairs though single skinning panels and splash guard removal to reduce weight is allowed. Exterior trim should remain standard. No widening of the wheel arches is permitted. No holes drilled or ducts added for any purpose. Bonnet and engine covers to be in normal closed position, no non standard gaps. No use of tape to fill shut lines.

7. CAR - Interior
Drivers seat may be replaced by MSA or FIA from SPD Automotive Ltd, No passenger seat requirement, floor coverings and roof linings removed, dash must remain in situ but radio/stereo units/speakers, heater system and associated ducting/wiring as well as the spare wheel, and tools, may be removed. Steering wheel can be replaced by MOMO only and Purchased from SPD Automotive Ltd. Glass sunroofs must be removed and the opening enclosed in accordance with MSA regs. Electric window motors and door cards can be removed but the doors must be covered in accordance with MSA rules. Instruments to remain standard. All cars must be fitted with an MSA approved roll cage.(SPD Automotive Ltd must supply and fit, or see a certificate of conformity) Harnesses must conform to FIA regulations.


It is permitted to alter the ride height but the car must be no less than 75mm from the ground in race trim with driver stationary or moving. No use of hydraulic or electrical devices to enhance or alter down force or ride height.


D14,D15,D16 or B16A only with no more than 180bhp @flywheel and only Normally Aspirated.

The engines are to be run in standard specification. No internal performance enhancing modifications to the engine are allowed, sump baffles may be used. The use of standard Honda or standard pattern parts and components only to be used for rebuilds which should be within the tolerances set down by Honda's work shop manuals for the model being raced, bore and stroke ,camshafts and compression ratio must remain std for the model being raced. Checks may be carried out.

a] Oil/Water Cooling-- Radiators to be standard in terms of capacity and location, no additional ducting. Standard sump to be retained but may be baffled. Oil coolers and or filter plates may be added and replaced. Oil must be Millers Racing oil available from SPD.

b] Induction System free - after market air filters allowed [ Any filter or system must be purchased from SPD Automotive Ltd, ie no one off specials .]

Test Day

Civic Cup cars being tested at Brands Hatch

Special thanks to Adrian for the images..
adrian.arran (@)

Two civic Cup cars were at Brands Hatch testing at October Nippon Challenge,Car 92 is a standard chassis pack model
(with some S pack power upgrades)Car 91 is a full S Pack model.

Both cars had S pack power upgrades, these were Buddy club Pro Spec III Muffler with de-cat & Buddy club Racing
Spec Header and Buddyclub airbox mod. ( both car dyno at the same power )but certain chassis mods on the full 'S'Pack
model make a very small difference in lap times.Otherwise the cars were nose to tail for most of the race.


Car 91(full S pack) Qualify better due to suspension set up,Car 92 have suspension too soft for full wet setting(1
second per lap difference).

We take chance that race 1 will stay wet and cold and we dont change, but track condition change and a dry line start
to come.


Car 91 started in 30th place due to the puncture in race 1, car 92 started in 13th grid place.we changed the suspension
setting for both cars in race 2 and car 91 could move up through the pack from 30th to 17th place overall in only 14
laps, this was very good data gathering for this track. Car 92 finished in 4th place.

So a good day overall and lots learned about the settings for Brands hatch.(less than 1/2 second per lap difference
between cars).

Dont forget the Buddyclub Team Support packages for 2011, from only £100 per day for ALL damage labour.

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